Bledsoe Ranch 100th Anniversary Celebration


Saturday, August 18, 2018 | Bledsoe Ranch Headquarters


We hope you will join us for a day of celebrating 100 years on the High Plains of Colorado!





We will have an area set aside if you would like to camp (tent or trailer/RV). There will be no electricity or water hook-ups, but you are welcome to bring a generator. Camping area will be open early to allow time for you to get set-up.



Be sure to make reservations ASAP as many hotels in the area are full due to wind farm construction! 

Below is a list of some hotels in the area:

Claremont Inn & Winery (47 miles)

 800 Claremont St, Stratton, CO 80836 | 719.348.5125


Heritage Suites of Flagler (23 miles)

326 Main Ave, Flagler, CO 80815 | 719.740.6897


Shepp's Motel (33 miles)

110 East St, Kit Carson, CO 80825 | 719.962.3132


Holiday Inn Express & Suites (45 miles)

803 US-24, Limon, CO 80828 | 719.775.9033


Fairfield Inn & Suites (50 miles)

526 S Lincoln St, Burlington, CO 80807 | 719.346.7194

Schedule of events

5:00 PM: Social Hour

6:30 PM: Dinner Served



Click map to enlarge and print.

Please drive 40 mph to help control dust!