Brothers Carl (left) and Frank (right) Bledsoe in Texas.

Brothers Carl (left) and Frank (right) Bledsoe in Texas.


The history of the ranch begins in 1918. After two years of drought and misfortune in Texas, W.E. Bledsoe sent his son, Carl, and half his cow herd to some rented property in Eastern Colorado. Located where the South Fork of the Republican River meets the Wild Horse Creek, Carl and his wife, Josie, settled in to whether the drought. As tough times persisted, Carl and Josie realized they would never return to Texas and started what is known today as Bledsoe Ranch.

Carl and his son, Bill II, ran Herefords until the early 70’s. At that time, Bill II’s son, Bill III, learned of Gelbvieh cattle from Germany. That Spring, they had the first Gelbvieh calves in the United States.

Bill III and his wife, Hilary, bred the Gelbvieh herd progressively until the late 80’s. Looking for some changes in genetics, Bill III bought his first Red Angus bulls.

Now working with their two sons, James and Wil, the Bledsoe Ranch continues to work to perfect their Red Angus herd. Since 2001, the sires have all been Red Angus making the cows over 95%.

The ranch also maintains a Quarter Horse herd. The focus is for the ideal mix of foundation and modern genetics to make smart, athletic, good looking horses to get the job done efficiently.

The first two generations worked to expand the Bledsoe Ranch, but the third and fourth generations have worked to improve the land, the roads, the cattle and the infrastructure. Striving to make the ranch the most efficient it can be, Bill III passes on his passion of progressive livestock genetics to his sons.

We are humbled to tell the story of the Bledsoe Ranch. If you ever find yourself in our part of the world, please stop by. The coffee is always hot, and we would love to show you the cattle and horses. We plan to have a 100th Anniversary Celebration and Sale in September, 2018 with 100 registered and 100 commercial Red Angus females. We sure hope you can make it!



The Bledsoe Family