Red Angus Cattle


Over the last 20 years, we have been incorporating the latest Red Angus genetics into our cowherd. What started with a Gelbvieh influenced base in the 90's has been bred to become 95%+ Red Angus. We strive for a cow that is feed efficient, fertile, and structurally sound with a good udder and attitude. All these characteristics produce a calf that will excel in a replacement or feedlot setting. In recent years, artificial insemination (AI) has been incorporated into the ranch, and we now have 300 half sisters out of the breed sensation, Redemption. Since 2006 we have been producing our own seed stock. Using embryo transfer along with AI, about half of our bull battery are full brothers while the remainder are 3/4 to 15/16 brothers.

All the females on the ranch are exposed to a bull for 45 days starting in July in large pastures, supplemented minimal hay in the winter, and culled after one strike. This management has produced a very uniform, efficient, and profitable cow base. If you see one of our cows, it is a good representation of the entire herd. 

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